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Keyword Magic Professional 3.1

Discover a Keyword Tool That Helped an Affiliate Marketer
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Discover a Keyword Tool That Helped an Affiliate Marketer.
Do you promote affiliate products? If you do, then you're losing money! The simple fact is, most affiliate marketers get it all wrong! They target the wrong keywords and the wrong products and wonder why they can't make any sales!

Main Features:

- View Daily, Monthly and Global Search Volume along with average CPC, number of searches to competition ratio (aka R/S) and the search trends!

- Extract Number of Competitors in Google: Quickly view the number of search competitors! This number is displayed based on whether you select "normal", "exact" or "allintitle exact" from the settings.

- Display the Top 20 Hot Trends: This is updated hourly and not only do you see the hot keywords, but you can immediately collect the competition data and see search volume and number of competitors.

- View Daily Search Volume: With Google, you can only see the monthly and global search volume, now with KMP, you can also see the daily search volume (Global search volume / 30).

- Instant Search Filters: You will find the perfect keywords for your SEO or PPC campaign using the instant filters that allow you to sort based on number of words, searches and competitors. You can also choose to only show keywords containing certain words or remove keywords containing certain words.

- Create Keyword Lists: Creating and saving your keywords are simple with the built-in keyword folders. Here you create folders based on a base keyword, select what keywords you want in the folder, then just drop them in. All the search data goes along with it so you won't have to collect it all over again.

- Add / Import Keywords: To ease your suffering of searching Google for competitors for numerous keywords, you can now just copy and paste a list of keywords or import a txt file of keywords and KMP will automatically collect the search volume for each one from the online Google keyword tool. Then you can collect the competition data for each keyword!

- Favorite Keywords: If your looking for just a few keywords to quickly locate and copy, no problem. Just select the keywords you want, right click and save to your favorites where you can copy as normal, with quotes, brackets or all 3 instantly!

- Keyword Folder Lists: No need to export a huge list of keywords with search volume to a spreadsheet. KMP allows you to save all the keywords and search data in keyword folders so you will never lose them and always be able to import them back into KMP.

- View Product Models Only! - This feature is HUGE for Amazon affiliates or anyone else looking to promote specific physical products with model numbers. With Keyword Magic, it only takes "ONE CLICK" and you will INSTANTLY see only the keywords that contain product models.

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